• Freejam Chris

World Editor - New Tracks - Dev Blog #78

Hello Everyone!

The team is working hard on the next update, the World Editor! This is the very beginning of a number of very exciting things for Techblox’s future as this will be the start of letting players create their own game modes.

Check out this video of a Monster Truck created by our very own Jose, driving round one of the new tracks which will launch as part of the World Editor update

The next update will have two tracks for you to select from, a race track

and a Dirt track.

The landscape for these tracks was created out of a number of tile pieces. The dirt tracks landscape was built in around 30 minute. Below is a timelapse of the building process from a member of the dev team.

Once the landscape is built you can place a number of pre-built props to decorate your environment. These are selectable within the inventory menu.

As Techblox develops, more props will be added. But you’re also able to build your own props out of blocks and save them as blueprints. Our Dirt track contains a couple of objects which were built entirely out of blocks.

If we’ve learnt anything based on the vehicles that you have all created, we know you’re all going to make some incredible objects out of blocks to decorate your game world.

The World editor update should launch soon. We’ll update you with a more concrete launch in the coming weeks!