• Freejam Chris

World Editor - Landscaping and Props! - Dev Blog #77

Today we wanted to talk about the Landscape Mode which will allow you to create your world within the world editor.

We’ve created a number of landscape tiles which you’ll be able to use to create your own tracks within just a few minutes.

We’ll be expanding upon this in the future to provide you greater variety in world building.

The landscape tiles will make it easy for anyone to pick up the world editor and build something that looks good very quickly. We know that there are a number of you who are going to use landscape tiles and all the other props and functional blocks to create worlds that far exceed our expectations.

Here are the major core points for using a tile based system

1. Building landscapes is super quick and easy! You can literally build a track and drive on it in just a few minutes.

2. Landscape Tiles offer a greater level of control for Freejam artists, we can sculpt beautiful tiles with bespoke texturing, custom backed normal maps, etc.

3. Physics and collisions for tiles will be ready as soon as they are placed into the environment

4. Landscape Tiles can come in an assortment of surfaces, each with different friction profiles, particle effects for skids, dust, etc (when these are added)

5. New content can be released easily and regularly. This can include a number of new landscape tiles and ‘environment biomes’.

6. Landscape Tiles can line up with the grid neatly when placed and you are completely free to add structures onto them using blocks to create buildings etc.

7. New tiles can be unlocked via a progression system. As you play through the game, you’ll unlock new tile pieces and props to add greater variety to your created world.

8. This system will benefit from huge performance optimisations on the GPU and in memory.

I’m sure you want to see it in action, and we’ve recorded a very short video of us creating a basic map and then driving it. Check it out below:

Alongside these tiles we will be releasing an assortment of props that you will be able to use to decorate your world.

Placing these down to create a detailed environment is also super satisfying

Anyone can make a simple track… But we know there are going to be some very talented builders who will spend hours in the world editor creating incredibly intricate details to make truly beautiful worlds. We are really looking forward to seeing what you create and expect that you will all surpass all expectations when the world editor update launches.