• ccleveland21

World Building Challenge!

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, Techblox is about giving players the chance to create their own machines and vehicles. With our latest update we stretched that even further to give you all the ability to create your own worlds. In time, you’ll also be creating game modes too!

We want to begin adding in a number of worlds and workshops created by YOU!

If you want to see your workshop or world in game and used by others, do submit them to us using the channel submit-your-world on Discord. More info will be shared towards the bottom of this post.

We are planning to release our first set of community worlds on the 24th of November, so please get your submissions in soon.

There have already been some amazing creations within the world editor including Discordyouri5’s small vehicle workshop

MgwEEM-x also shared their large and highly detailed workshop area too!

Workshop building submissions

Workshops must only follow one rule. And that is there should be a clear space to build. Please make sure that you leave an area in your workshop that is free to build and follows the below specs:

55 blocks in width

86 blocks in length

38 blocks in height

Other than this, you are free to make whatever you want!

World building submissions

When creating your world, we know that there are going to be a lot of great race tracks. However, we would also love to see other types of worlds too! Unleash your full creativity and surprise us!

Closing date

Our first batch of community created content will be part of an update on 26th of November. So please make sure you submit your worlds before then as we’ll need to Direct message you to get your Player ID.

However, this is something we want to do regularly, and even if your world isn’t part of the first ones released, we might use it a little while later. We want to regularly add new community maps so please just keep sharing new worlds within the submit-your-world channel.

Good luck everyone! We can not wait to see what you create.