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Wiring - Dev Blog #17

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Today we wanted to talk a little bit about our wiring system. Those who joined us during Gamecraft will have a good understanding of how the wiring system will work. But if you’ve joined us in the last few weeks we wanted to give you a little more information.

Wiring in Techblox will work by connecting a series of widgets together via their inputs and outputs. [As it did in Gamecraft, but better]. Below is an example of how you could wire up a drivers seat to motors in Gamecraft.

You can tweak the stats of various parts by opening up the widget, from here you can tweak a variety of options to customize your vehicle’s handling. Different parts would have different tweakable stats.

The potential for building was very powerful and we had some incredible machines made using this system. Here are some awesome examples from the Gamecraft community who created a build per day during December

Now, in Techblox the wiring system is familiar to Gamecraft veterans. However there will be a few changes

The tweakable stats for parts will be shown in the 2D UI when selecting a part. Tweaking them in Gamecraft resulted in the player needing to move their camera to change the slider value. However as we shared earlier this week, in Techblox we’re using a free mouse cursor system for building and this means selecting items will be easier and tweaking stats will be far more intuitive.

In addition, this also opens up greater functionality. In Gamecraft we were limited to how many stats we could put into parts as it meant we had to fit the stats info into a small space within a 3D world. But the new UI focused stat widget would allow us to include more tweakable stats when we need them.

Wiring mode will also work with the new free mouse cursor to give you greater control when wiring.

We’ll be adding more custom port types to the widgets. We shared the first versions of these with the engine\power port shown in the recent engine and wheel-rig posts

And finally, we’ll be providing an automated wiring quality of life feature. As you place parts down the system will search the cluster for other parts that it can be linked to and will automatically link logical connections like connecting engines to wheel rigs or seats to engines. The builder can then alter these defaults to customize for advanced behaviors.

We wanted to make it quick and easy to get your first vehicle working without having to worry too much about intricate circuits. But you will still have the power to go beyond to create complex machines when you are ready.

We feel that this is a great addition to speed up building, but we want to hear thoughts from experienced builders.

A playable Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha is now available! Make sure to visit our home page at http://www.techblox.com/ to sign up to play it!

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