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Wheely Good! - Dev Blog #11

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Today we wanted to post a small dev log to share some of the work we’re doing for ‘Wheels’

It’s quite a small thing but something we feel is quite important if you want to have nice handling of vehicles when steering in a UGC game like Techblox. Often in sandbox physics games the wheel will rotate around a point that is not in the centre of the wheel. Games like Scrap Mechanic, Trailmakers and even Gamecraft have this issue. See the gif below to see an example of how steering works within a lot of sandbox physics games.

Real-world wheels are ‘half hollow’ or ‘concave’ in shape and this concave shape allows it to rotate around the centre of the wheel. And this is how wheels will work in Techblox. Here’s an example of how we’re planning for steering to behave within Techblox.

We want the wheel tech in Techblox to be quite special. We started the work in Gamecraft even simulating a realistic friction curve to provide different drive characteristics in different wheel types. This level of simulation for wheel types is something that we plan to build upon.

Here’s a rendering of the wheel with its ‘half-hollow’ centre. For those of you who play Robocraft - The techblox wheels will work upside down too!

A playable Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha is now available! Make sure to visit our home page at http://www.techblox.com/ to sign up to play it!

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