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Weapons and Destruction Update Now Live

Hello everyone, It’s time for a huge update! I’m certain that from the text above, you’ve gone straight to the launcher, hit “UPDATE” and are now loading into a match to battle against other players in a new PVP map. If you have not got the launcher installed you can click the link HERE and download it right now!

We’d like to thank all of you for joining us on the journey so far. We still have quite a long way to go and we’re looking forward to seeing where this takes us.

With the introduction of Destruction many of your machines will likely fall apart quite easily if they haven't been built with a strong frame or base, or have a lot of lighter materials like plastic. We expect many of these machines can be improved quite easily by ensuring the chassis and other core parts of your machine are made with Rigid Steel.

Weapons + Damage + Destruction + Death = PVP Combat Game Mode!

We have a number of new additions in this update for Techblox. These include a new damage and destruction system, a new weapon type, new blocks and joints to use on your vehicles and in the world editor and a few gameplay improvements. Combined, all of these parts create our first ever PVP Arena Game mode.


This is our very first map built for PVP combat. In the centre is a large warehouse which is surrounded by grassland areas with patches of foliage. The map is inspired by older industrial and military-style locations.


The Fort Kingston map is partnered with a brand new workshop area which is based on industrial and military hangers


Take your machines online against others online in the very first PVP combat arena game mode! This is an 8 person free for all where players must obliterate the machines of others to score points.

There are three ways to score points:

If you kill a player character, you will get 500 points.

If you break apart blocks via weapons or collisions. You get more points for destroying tougher blocks.

There are an assortment of score pickups that can be collected around the map.

Every five minutes, the round ends and the scores are converted into Tech points and distributed to players based on their position on the scoreboard.

The scoreboard will then reset and a new round will begin…


As long as there is at least one player in the server, the server will not reset between rounds. This is our very first persistent game mode and we believe that this will allow us to create a number of new gameplay experiences.


This has been a highly requested update and “Smash” was a part of our original tagline when we introduced everyone to Techblox. We’ve always wanted destruction to feel satisfying and have been sharing a number of videos over the last few months of it in action. The team have really enjoyed playing with this new feature and we hope you all have a lot of fun with it!

Destruction will be active for all game modes in Techblox. This includes the new PVP arena game mode, racing and for dynamic objects in the world editor. This will bring with it a number of additional layers and challenges to builders.

Destruction can be caused by weapons, collisions with the environment and collisions with other players.

If you build a vehicle out of Carbon fibre, it will certainly be lightweight and be able to navigate the map quickly. But it’d likely be shredded when it comes face to face against a weapon or hitting a barrier.

But if you construct a hulking tank which is made from Rigid steel, it will be heavily armoured but move much more slowly.

Collisions from other players or with the environment affect your structural integrity. Building a strong chassis for your vehicle is really important so you can keep all your important functional parts together.

Your machine will take damage from collisions by other players and even the environment. A key objective is to keep all of your important functional parts together

One of the arguments that Robocraft players had was that weight never really mattered when constructing your vehicle. In Techblox, the systems require you to think carefully about where you place different materials to factor in its structural integrity, centre of mass, speed and defence.

As blocks are destroyed on your machine, its performance will update in real time. This can be as simple as a wheel falling off and causing drag as part of your vehicle is scratching against the surface of the floor, but can also affect the vehicle's centre of mass and may even cause it to topple over!

Logic blocks can even be destroyed by other players and significantly affect any logic that you have programmed for your vehicle.


The machine you bring in is an extension of your character. Above all else, you want to protect your character from any harm by protecting the driver's seat. At any po,int your player can run around on foot, but this leaves them pretty vulnerable!

If a player is hit by a vehicle, fired at or falls off a tall structure, they will take damage and lose health. The velocity of the impact determines the amount of damage that the player will take and if they run out of health… They Die.

But don’t worry, you will be able to respawn… At least, in the game modes currently available.

Depending on the game mode, you’ll either respawn at the same position you died, or at one of the assigned spawn points.


We are planning to add a number of weapons to Techblox over time but we wanted to start with implementing the 30mm Auto-Canon. This is a close to medium range weapon and fires two shots per second.

It can cause a huge amount of destruction and you can have up to six of these placed on your machine in the new game mode.

We have added a new building rule to the UI to keep building competitive. Each game mode will have an adjusted firepower level and may be lower or higher than this.

All guns will fire at the same time by default, but you can edit the settings in the guns widget to add a delay to create a machine with alternating firing weapons.

Depending on the game mode, some games will have weapons disabled. Farnham Hills and Supercharged Hatchback Football will continue as a non weapon based game modes, but we may run a special event in the future where racers will be able to bring in weaponized vehicles to race.


We have added a few new parts that will allow for an extra level of precision when operating your vehicles.

The Aiming Servo Axle and Aiming Servo Hinge.

These joints allow you to point them in the direction of a place in 3D space, that the player camera is pointing at. This will allow you to create functional turrets and a heavily requested feature from Robocraft, rotating platforms

We created a short video which shows how to create a very simple turret system, this can be viewed here:

We have added a new port called the aim port to all driver seats. This feeds a Vector 3 input into the joint and tells the joint where in 3d space to point in relation to a position that the player mouse cursor/ camera is pointing at.

You can use this to create a number of different types of mechanisms including a small robot which follows where the player is looking.

We know that the community is going to create some very bespoke mechanisms with these two new joints and can’t wait to see what you make!


Some eagle eyed players have spotted a number of new parts in some of our recent reveals. We have created a number of new items which will be unlocked for all players. The Armored Personnel Carrier consists of the following parts:

  • APC Seat

  • APC Engine

  • APC Wheel Rigs

  • APC Wheel

These parts are all immediately unlocked for all players.


To coincide with the APC, we are also releasing a new player skin, the soldier!

This skin is immediately unlocked for all players.


We are seeing a lot of new players discover Techblox every single day and we wanted to provide them with several starter vehicle saves which they can test drive, tear apart and discover how machines are built. They can even adapt these as a base and improve upon it!

We have included three Go-karts, two APC’s and a Robocraft style design

Players who already have save data will not find these machines in their save files. But if you do want them, let us know and we’ll share the clipboard blueprints.


Players will be able to make their own PVP Arena game mode with two new world editor blocks.

  • Damage Score Block - Will track damage done by players via weapons and collisions

  • Kill Score Block - Will track player kills

  • Weapon Disabler Block - Will disable weapons. This can be toggled on and off.

  • Brick Material

Uniform Scaled Joints

All joints can now be scaled up uniformly. This is capped at 3x3x3 for now. Joints that have been scaled will have higher torque/power.

Other Changes

Enter Seat Rework

To make it easier to enter machines we’ve made a few changes. Aiming at any part of a machine (within a certain range) will now allow you to enter the machine.

If the machine has multiple seats you’ll enter the one closest to your character.

All Seat now have the same ports

A while back we tried the concept of basic and advanced seats, with basic seats having access to less ports as a form of progression. We received some feedback from players on this and have chosen to revert it so that all driver seats now have the same ports.

Diminishing returns when stacking multiple engines

Stacking multiple engines to gain more speed will now have less of a gain. You'll still be able to reach high speeds and gain a bit more torque by doing this but proportionally less for each new engine.

Camera position & Distance rework

When entering a machine the camera position and maximum zoom will now be set relative to the size of the machine, so smaller go-karts will be much closer and lower down than a larger APC. This allows us to keep aiming clearer without making it uncomfortable to drive regular machines.

Reconstruct Prompt

While your machine is active there will be a hint in the bottom right corner telling you how to rebuild/respawn your machine.

If the machine takes damage this will go on cooldown for a few seconds.

New Intro Trailer

Pilot seat default material set to Paintable Rigid Steel

To allow us to make certain connections between parts stronger we’ve adjusted the default material of some parts. The weight remains the same.

Swapping starter Rigid Steel material for a the paintable version

The starter inventory now includes the Paintable Rigid Steel material while the clean, unpaintable version has been moved to the Robotics Pass. If you already have Rigid Steel it will remain in your inventory.

Reworked jump animation

Text Block Character Size Limit

We've limited the maximum font size of characters used in Text Blocks to keep them within the boundary of the block visuals. Any text that would overflow outside of the block will now be replaced with ellipses.

Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Addressed a couple of errors and crashes when playing online

  • Rebalanced the grip of some wheels

  • Rebalanced the torque of some engines

  • Condensed materials used on parts to improve performance slightly

  • Fixed some material issues on animated parts

  • Adjusted light blocks to improve performance in some situations

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from entering other machines if they entered a server with no machine of their own

  • Follow Camera tweakable stat on seats is now off by default

  • Fixed an error that could occur when removing landscape tiles

  • Fixed an error that could occur when placing landscape tiles quickly

  • Fixed a bug that allowed Flaming Exhaust blocks to receive signals larger than 1

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the ‘seat occupied’ cursor from appearing

  • Fixed a visual issue with the ghost driver not vanishing in World Editor

  • Fixed a bug that caused Motors to spin slower over time under certain loads

  • Adjusted the collider of the sidewalks on City Tiles to make them less harsh

  • Fixed the incorrect order of The Dial and Lever in the Robotics Pass

  • Fixed various sprites and strings

  • Increased the scroll speed of the tech passes

  • Fixed a couple of visual issues on character models

Quality of Life Suggestions

We recently published a spreadsheet which included a number of Quality of Life suggestions from the community and our thoughts on whether this feature will be added, is being considered or is unlikely to appear. If you’d like to read this sheet, you can visit the link here: <https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yJ9Lf9AvntpZob64fFCetFNGAoIpIq-oks9xY-_jXjs/edit?usp=sharing>

We’ll be keeping an eye on the Discord for feedback on this huge update.