• Freejam Chris

Update Now Live! Shapes, Pipes, First Person Camera Controls!

Hello everyone

We have a brand new update to launch today which includes a variety of changes based on the feedback we received from the last build as well as a number of additions. We can’t wait for you to play it and really would love to hear your feedback on our Discord server

The Launcher

The Techblox Launcher is now live! This means that we’ll be able to ensure all players are playing with the most recent and updated build. The launcher is available via our website.

Click here to download the launcher

It’s important to note that there is a smart screen notification that pops up when installing the launcher for the first time. We are working to remove this screen for future builds. But in order to install you need to press “more info” and then select “run anyway”

First Person Camera Controls and Free Mouse Cursor Toggle

Some players really enjoyed our free mouse cursor build system, some preferred the system we had in Gamecraft which was a first person build system. We have created a hybrid system which we hope will make players of each building preference happy.

By default, moving the mouse will control the player view. However, you can toggle free cursor mode, which means moving the mouse will control a mouse cursor on screen, by pressing ALT. While in free cursor mode you can hold the right mouse button to control the player view. Pressing Alt once more will turn off free cursor mode

New shapes!

We have added a number of new shapes to the build which will give you greater power to design your machine.

New scalable cubes, pipes and plates are now available. We’ve managed to use the new parts to create vehicles like this:

This vehicle is also sporting two types of the new headlamps that will also be available in this build!

We have however removed previous prescaled and prescewed parts from the inventory. The inventory was getting very messy at this early stage and we noticed a lot of players weren’t using them in their builds too. The new scalable shapes should provide you with a high level of flexibility when creating a vehicle.

If you have created a save file using pre scaled parts in your build, it will convert these shapes into spheres.

If you have any blueprints saved that use these pre scaled parts, the game will crash if you try to select them. We will aim to fix this in the same way we handle save files, but for now there is a work around to convert them, so please follow the steps below:

  1. Load up the old build

  2. Create a new save

  3. Place all blueprints you want to keep in this new save

  4. Save the game and quit

  5. Load the new build to see if all of the blueprints have been converted under this save

  6. Re-save all of the blueprints again.

You can delete your blueprints from the following folder: C:\Users\\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Freejam\TechbloxPreview\BlueprintSets

Stackable plates

Plates are one third the height of a normal cube. You can now stack these plates on top of eachother and in combination with other shapes of cubes you can create some incredible new designs that were not possible in the last build!


We’ve been working hard on adjusting the quality settings in the game to provide better performance for mid range PC’s. This should mean players who were experiencing low frame rates in the previous build should see a drastic improvement.

We have also increased the quality of the game for those who have higher end PC’s too. However, it is important to note that if you have previously played a version of Techblox, your quality settings will be set to ‘Beautiful’. This means that the game may stay on the loading screen for a long period of time on lower spec machines. In our tests with a microsoft surface, the loading screen took 5 minutes to load while on ‘beautiful’ setting and just 30 seconds on ‘Normal’.

New users who install the client after today will find that the quality settings will default to normal.

Thank you for the support!

We’d like to thank everyone who has played the game, offered feedback and has been a part of the community. It’s a privilege to work on something like this and you all allow us to continue to do so. We’re pleased that we have found a community that is excited as we are to see the future of Techblox. Please continue to keep sharing your builds, engage with us on the discord and other forms of social media and also letting others who may be interested in a game like this know about it.

Our next major update for Techblox will be simulating the machines so that you can bring them to life. Stay tuned for more information!

Patch notes

The game is now available via a launcher. This will download the latest build. You can download it via our website by clicking here.


  • Headlamps: Square, Circle, Wedge and Tetrahedron

  • More shapes (cubes, plates and pipes!)

  • Added a white outline to the ‘Ghost Block’ when building

  • Ghost Block outline turns red to indicate that a block can not be placed

  • New crosshair design for first person view

  • Added sound effects and animations to main menu background

  • Added a close button icon to the top right of the inventory menu


  • The game now starts in camera control mode. To free the mouse cursor, players can use ALT to unlock and lock the mouse cursor

  • Graphic settings can now be adjusted in the main menu and have a great impact to performance

  • Plates can now be stacked

  • Adjusted engine size.

  • Tweaked the workshop lighting so that it is easier to build.

  • Scaling of shapes is locked to a maximum of 10x10x10

  • Remove tool now removes placed blocks regardless of whether the user is in Block, Colour, Material, Wires or Blueprint mode

  • Right Mouse Button no longer cancels a scale while in free cursor mode

  • Swapping to remove mode while scaling now cancels the scaling


  • An error when pressing the Flip and remove mode buttons at the same time

  • An issue where releasing a scale action over a hotbar will cause an error when using plates.


  • Block deletion timer

  • Skewed shapes (Users who have any existing saves with Skewed shapes will have these shapes converted into spheres.)

Known Issues

  • Players on low to mid range PC’s may experience long loading times if they have played a previous build. This can take up to 5 minutes. If you experience this, once the game has loaded, change the quality setting in the options menu and you will see improved performance and loading times.

  • Users who have any blueprints saved that use skewed shapes will experience a crash when selecting them.

  • Players who want to use these blueprints should load up the last build and save these blueprints as a Save game file… Loading the latest build will convert the save and turn any skewed shapes into spheres.