• Freejam Chris

Bevel Rendering With Unconnected Cubes - Dev Blog #3

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

A few days ago we shared the Bevel rendering technology that we’re working on. One of the questions that arose is how would materials that were not connected to each other look.

The block on the inside is not connected to the frame surrounding it (Also made from blocks). Some of the shapes in Techblox will have some sides which do and don’t connect. We will make this visually obvious so you know which sides can and can not connect to other shapes so you can choose what blocks to use when constructing your vehicle or machine.

For example, in the case where your vehicle would have a door. You would not want it to connect to the other parts of the vehicle.

Additionally, here is a quick screen grab showing our progress in getting the bevel to work in Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline.

A playable Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha is now available! Make sure to visit our home page at http://www.techblox.com/ to sign up to play it!

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