• Freejam Chris

The Winner of the Lawnmower Build Challenge

Last week we set the challenge to create a racing lawn mower. In total we had seven entries, some as late as last night! There were some incredible designs so please make sure to check out all entries over on our Discord!. Thank you to everyone who entered!

However, We have chosen one winner who will receive a T-shirt when they have been designed.. That creator is MgwEEM-x (MGGW_RNX) , with their ridiculously super sized racing lawn mower which looks like it’ll cut an entire football pitch in a single line! Look at the size of it

We really loved their attention to detail as they also added a spinning blade to the bottom of the vehicle to cut grass:

It’s only a shame that this thing can’t move…. Yet! :smile:

We’ve decided to take a little break on the build challenges for a while, please do continue to create and share anything you make on our Discord. We feel that a lot of you are waiting for the next playable build which will include new shapes, pipes and plates for you to use. We’ll be revealing more detail on when this will be available very soon!

A playable Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha is now available! Make sure to visit our home page at http://www.techblox.com/ to sign up to play it!