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The Next Update And A New Jammer Appears! Dev Blog #68

Hi everyone!

The team is already working on the next sprint for Techblox and it’s likely that it will be released within the next few weeks. We’ll provide you with a more concrete date soon.

It’s very important to note that we are working on some very big things for Techblox that take a long time to develop. So our plan is to provide you with relatively smaller but frequent content releases whilst you wait for the big updates

Here is a list of some of the major additions planned that will take several months to complete

- Online multiplayer

- Damage, destruction and structural integrity

- World editor

We may have some news to share on the above features soon, but in the meantime let’s talk about what we’re planning to release in the next update.

Volume Rule

The volume rule varies for each game and is in place to test your building and engineering skills. Each game will have its own volume rule, some may require you to build a tiny machine, others may ask you to build a long machine, and some may test the weight distribution to build a tall towering machine!

For the next update we’re going to make the workshop a little larger, the volume area will be near the same size as the current workshop.

Hatchback wheel (wide)

This is to accompany the hatchback wheel already in game.

Hatchback car seats

Brand new seats for the hatchback!

Updated sedan seat

We’re removing the top metal plate from the sedan. The hatchback seat we mentioned earlier won;t have this section either!

Truck wheel rig & wheel

The truck wheels are going to not only let you create different looking vehicles, but they’ll also have other properties which we’ll go into detail later.

Rear headlamps

These will be cosmetic, in time they will emit light and you’ll be able to select the colour too!

New bridge on the track

Fancy looking bridge is imminent! This will also address the collision issue some vehicles see.

We’ll provide more info on each of these soon! In the meantime we have one more announcement!

We have a new Jammer joining us called Stephen! They are our new junior programmer and they had this message to share with you all!

We’re very pleased to have them on the team, please join us in welcoming them!