• Freejam Chris

The 2500 CPU Limit Build Challenge Ends Soon!

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago we set up a build challenge and there are only a few days left! The prize is a Lego Technic set, this set to be precise!

There is still time for you to submit your build into the challenge! We kept the challenge relatively simple, there is no theme, but there is a limit to the amount of CPU that you can use. Your build must STAY UNDER 2500 CPU to qualify.

In order to enter the competition you must follow the instructions below:

Share screenshots of your creation on Twitter, tagging @TechbloxGame and using the Hashtag #TechbloxBuildChallenge

Submissions to this challenge end in just a few days on the 1st of August at 23:59 GMT+1

Good luck everyone!

Additional rules

- Challengers may submit multiple builds

- To confirm that the player has created the vehicle, we will likely request a save file. This may not be needed if Cloud Saving is functional at competition close. Upon which we may need other info to confirm entry.

- Winners will be chosen by Freejam