• Freejam Chris

Techblox: Development In 2021

Hello everyone!

2021 was the very beginning of our adventure in developing Techblox. In fact we are just a couple of weeks away from the anniversary of our first ever dev blog! In that time we’ve made some great progress on the game and have doubled our team size. We’d like to first thank each and every one of you who have been a part of the development and hope that you continue to follow our progress into 2022.

We wanted to highlight the work that had been completed throughout 2021 to show you how far the game has evolved in the last 12 months.

The beginning.

It all started with a post on the Gamecraft Discord. We had been analysing how players interacted with that game and felt that a lot of players would spend a lot of their time building and constructing vehicles and machines instead of game modes.

Since we released Robocraft, there have been a number of stylised machine builders like Scrap mechanic and Trailmakers. We felt we would deliver something a little different and move closer to a realistic style that included a human sized character. Here was the post that we shared late December 2020 where we wanted to discuss the concept with the community.

A lot of people were very supportive of our plans, and we began to start work on Techblox.

January 2021

  • Bevel rendering technology

  • Experimental building system prototypes

  • Implementing Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline

  • New paint tools

  • Colour

  • Material

  • Decal (Not yet released)

February 2021

  • Lighting and atmosphere

  • Wheel rig implementation

  • First Techblox wheel render

  • Character with walking animation

  • Engine block render

  • Free cursor build mode

  • Implementing the wiring system

  • Driver’s seat

  • Material painting in action

  • First look at the in game workshop where you can build vehicles

March 2021

  • Announcing the world builder and tile pieces to create tracks.

  • A look at the first in game Engine block

  • Engine sounds progress

  • Blueprint transition when switching between building and simulation

  • Hollow wheel in action

  • Concept of a modular chassis with bespoke parts (This was not developed further)

  • Introducing a number of Windscreen parts

  • Wheel arches and flare shapes

April 2021


  • Wide profile wheel type

  • Flip tool

  • Main menu idle animation for driver

  • A number of new shapes including pipes

  • Headlights

  • Stackable plates

  • Techblox Launcher to make it easier to distribute playable builds

  • The start of our team's growth. Since January 2021, the team has doubled in size!

  • Tank Truck discussion with the community!

May 2021

  • Go-Kart Engine

  • Go-Kart Wheels

  • Go-Kart Wheel Rigs

  • Go-Kart Driver’s Seat

  • A refinement to the overly complex window system

  • 8 new material types

  • A first look at the first Track in Techblox

  • EOS Login system

June 2021

  • First look at vehicles moving in simulation

  • Work on a variety of different unpowered and powered joints like hinges, pistons and motors.

  • Released a major update which featured Simulation

  • Improving steering friction by tweaking friction curves

  • Beginning work on the Game portal where players can select their game mode

  • Small car wheel

  • Small car engine

  • Work begins on the Logic and Math blocks

  • Build rule system which checks a machines CPU and power before entering Simulation

July 2021

  • Updated Techblox to include Powered Joints and Logic blocks

  • Wheel improvements

  • New controllers including levers, switches, buttons and dials.

August 2021

  • Online multiplayer progress

  • Server side physics progress

  • Formula Engine

  • Formula Seat

  • Formula Wheels

  • Truck Wheel Rig

  • Truck Wheel

  • Truck wheel Arches

  • Hatchback seat

September 2021

  • Major updates including Formula, Truck and Monster Truck parts

  • Volume limits system

  • Cloud saving released

  • Additional Multiplayer testing (Up to five players on one server)

  • Monster Truck Engine

  • Monster Truck Wheel Rig

  • Monster Truck Wheels

October 2021

  • Workshops being remade out of blocks

  • Atmosphere block

  • Landscape mode progress

  • Improved lighting systems and placeable lights in World Editor

  • New grass

  • Pre built props like trees, rocks, doors etc

November 2021

  • World Editor update launched

  • Dirt Track landscape tiles

  • New material types

  • Spawning vehicle effect mockup

December 2021

  • Preview Branch which includes online multiplayer with server side physics

  • Go-Kart track

  • Respawn feature

  • Text Block

  • Bit Block

  • Timer Block

2022 is going to be a really exciting year for Techblox and there are a number of things that we’ve been working on that you are already aware of.

  • Refining and Polishing Online Multiplayer

  • Official Game Modes

  • Damage & Destruction

  • Weapons

  • New vehicle types

But this is not everything! We will continue to reveal more news as we continue to develop the game. Please do stay tuned and make sure you follow our socials