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Simulation Update Now Live!

Hello everyone!

It’s finally time to see your vehicles move. The latest Techblox update is now live! With it comes a bunch of new features and parts! Those who have the launcher already installed there is a known issue and we highly recommend you READ THE INFORMATION HERE to initiate the download

If you have not yet downloaded the Techblox Launcher (it’s completely free!), you can do so from Techblox.com


Activating simulation will allow you to see your vehicles move! Of course you’ll need to install several major components in order to make a car move, they are

  • The Engine

  • Wheel Rigs (two front steering wheel rigs and two back non steering wheel rigs)

  • Wheels

  • Driver Seat

We have a blueprint for a Sedan vehicle in game to help get you moving. This is an example of the type of vehicle that you can make using all of the above requirements. You can find this in the Blueprint inventory [P].

Now if you enter the simulation by pressing the ‘T’ key, you’ll be able to drive this vehicle! It should control pretty well, however you can make some further adjustments via the workshop using config widgets and just adjusting its weight by adding and removing Blox.

Entering and exiting the vehicle

We saw some users ask about how they can enter the vehicle if the vehicle they built does not have an open top. In the future we plan to have functioning doors, but for now you are able to enter and exit the vehicle by pressing ‘E’ or left clicking on the seat. Ideally, through a window!

When you choose to exit the vehicle, you should appear where you were when you entered the vehicle. However if for some reason that spot is obstructed, you’ll exit the vehicle in another position.

Camera controls

When using your vehicle, the camera will be parented to the driver seat. By default, the camera will follow the vehicle in rotation as it goes round corners. You can hold the right mouse button and rotate the camera, upon releasing the camera will snap behind the driver's seat.

This is how it looks while the camera auto rotates with the vehicle movement

However you can turn off the follow camera. This means that the camera will still be parented to the driver seat, but it will not rotate to match the actions of the vehicle. You can do this by opening the seat widget menu in the workshop. This is how it looks if you have turned off Follow camera

Stat changes

If you have created a vehicle in a previous build, the parts in these builds may have outdated stats. This is particularly true of Wheel Rigs. We highly recommend replacing these parts to use the new stats, or simply reconfiguring them using the config menus for each part. We wanted to preserve the vehicles that you have all spent a lot of time making and we felt this was better than asking you to rebuild them.

We still have more work to do on the wheels to make them feel great and here are few outstanding issues that we’re still working on:

  • Wheel steering needs to be improved at higher speeds - We’ve made some fantastic improvements to how wheels feel but we’re not quite done yet

  • Unable to drift effectively - This ties in to the above issue and is something that we’re looking into

  • Go-Karts are not accelerating as fast as we would like

Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!

Notification system

We’ve started work on a brand new notification system. Currently the notification system alerts you that you are unable to place anything other than wheels on wheel rigs.

These notifications will be really useful in the future to help onboard new players but also to assist experienced players who are building a machine for a game mode. The notification system can tell them that they have too much engine power, have too much mass or are prohibited from using certain parts or even weapons.

New Vehicle Class - The Go-kart

We shared details of the Go-kart not too long ago and it’s been really fun driving them in simulation! What separates this class from the Sedan class are the following parts

  • Go-kart Drivers Seat

  • Go-kart Wheel Rigs (steering and non-steering)

  • Go-kart Wheels

  • Go-kart Engine

Here are a couple of the Go-Karts we created in action!

New Modular Windscreens and Windows

We previously introduced a set of windows, windscreens and frames into the game. We’ve made some adjustments to these to offer a bit more flexibility when building with more variety in width and height.

We’re also introducing scalable glass plates so you can create a more bespoke window design. In the future, we want to introduce more variants of the prescaled and pre shaped windows to suit more vehicle types like buses and trucks etc.

New Materials

We’ve added several new material types, each with varying weight and other physics properties. They are:

- Painted Rigid Steel

- Rusted Rigid Steel

- Heavily Rusted Rigid Steel

- Metallic Steel Bodywork

- Rusted Metallic Steel Bodywork

- Heavily Rusted Metallic Steel Bodywork

- Chrome

- Dark Varnished Wood

Auto Wiring

Wiring can be quite intimidating when you’re building a vehicle for the first time. You don’t quite know what needs to hook up where. The auto wiring system is useful for new players and can be pretty useful for experienced players too!

Auto wiring works like this, you place Blox, engines, wheel rigs, wheels and a driver seat into a vehicle. When these are placed, the system will auto wire them to behave as you would expect them to.

One of the issues when building a robot in Robocraft was that many players accidentally built their robot facing the wrong way. What this meant is that they would have had to rebuild it! We wanted to fix this issue for Techblox.

The vehicle's front is now determined by which direction the driver's seat is facing. The auto wiring will factor in this change and adjust which direction the vehicle will move when the player attempts to drive forwards.

Of course you can also use our powerful blueprint tool to cut and rotate your vehicle too!

Right Mouse Button is Now Delete!

Some players REALLY wanted the right mouse button to be used as delete instead of needing to switch to a delete mode. So we’ve done the following:

We have made some subtle differences to the Free Cursor building because of this. As you may be aware, holding the right mouse button rotates the camera while in Free Cursor mode and we didn’t want players to keep accidentally deleting parts when they wanted to move the camera. So, if there is any movement sensed while the right mouse button is pressed and released, the Blox will not be deleted. However, if no movement is sensed while the right mouse button is pressed and released, the Blox the cursor is hovering over will be deleted.

The Track

A little while ago we showed you a new track that we were working on. Unfortunately, this track was not ready for the release today. We only have a few adjustments to make so it’s highly likely the new track will be made available in a patch soon.

Today’s build will be using the oval track that you’ve seen in our most recent videos.

Epic Online Services Login

We’re planning on making great use of the features Eos offers in time so this is the first step towards that. When you launch Techblox you’ll need to sign in to an Epic account. Don’t worry if you don’t have one as you can link it to loads of existing accounts such as Google, Facebook or Steam.

All of this takes place in your default browser but once you’ve authenticated once you’ll remain logged in whenever you launch Techblox in future.

Bug Fixes

  • Attempting to assign a mouse only/key only hotkey to certain controls will no longer trigger a force quit error

  • Fixed an error that could occur when swapping between building modes (Block, Color etc.)

  • Fixed some errors that could occur when performing multiple actions at the same time at lower framerates

  • Blueprints that use obsolete parts will be converted instead of giving an error

  • Fixed an error that could occur when removing the last wire in a save

  • Fixed placement snapping issues with plates

  • Fixed some collision issues with flipped parts - Please let us know if you still encounter any collision issues in Block Mode

  • Fixed a few collision issues with blueprints preventing legal placements. We’re still aware of a few more issues that we’ll be working on resolving - Please do let us know if you encounter any collision issues in general though

  • Mode hotkeys will no longer work while typing in the ‘Save Vehicle” popup

  • Closing the Inventory while dragging a part will no longer leave it stuck on screen

  • Fixed some incorrect inventory descriptions

  • Fixed the orientation of the Sedan Engine to match the ghost version

Other Changes

  • New starter hotbars for materials, cubes & blueprints. If you already have hotbar data saved these can be updated by deleting your local hotbar data in C:\Users\\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Freejam\TechbloxPreview if you wish

  • Mouse sensitivity slider has been rebalanced. Low end should be much slower now.

  • Default quality will now be set to Normal for all new users.

  • Tweaks to lighting and shadows in the garage - Let us know your thoughts

  • The ghost cube now flashes red when positioned in an invalid placement rather than being solid red

  • Eos Login

  • Required to log in with an Epic account

  • Will remain logged in once you’ve done so

And that’s it for our first big update. We are now officially in PRE-PRE-PRE-PRE-ALPHA! Thank you everyone for your support, please let us know what you think of this update on any of the social channels below.

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Please do share videos of your vehicles in motion, we’re really excited to see what you bring to life!