• Freejam Chris

Simulation Mode In Action! - Dev Blog #61

Today we wanted to share the very first few gifs of a vehicle moving in simulation!

Earlier this week we loaded up the Trotter vehicle from Ddevil616 and after just some minor adjustments to the front wheel we were ready to start driving! This was what happened

The engine was placed in the rear of the vehicle and the base was made out of the same material as the rest. This meant that the centre of mass was off and it resulted in the vehicle performing a sick wheelie!

Some changes to weight distribution, acceleration and engine power can fix this. We just wanted to show a rather extreme version of this because there is a lot of tinkering you can do to make sure your vehicle handles as expected!

So, because the weight is unevenly distributed to the rear of the vehicle, the simplest way to compensate for this is to place additional weight onto the front of the vehicle. Now this can be done in several ways, more dense block placement, adjusting the material types to balance the vehicle, and moving the engine lower, or to the front of the vehicle..

We decided in this extreme case to place two additional engines at the front of the vehicle.

Now, whilst our vehicle no longer does a wheelie, we have an over compensation problem where the weight is now distributed towards the front of the vehicle. This means that the vehicle is now beginning to attempt to nose dive!

We could have adjusted the front suspension to address the nosedive. But because we didn’t really want two engines on a vehicle anyway, we made some other adjustments.

We redesigned the bonnet so that it could hold just a single engine. The result is much smoother! You can see that the initial acceleration causes the vehicle to test the weight distribution before it begins to settle at speed.