• Freejam Chris

Patch Notes! - 06.05.2021

Hi everyone!

Today we’re launching a hotfix to address a few issues that were reported over the weekend by players. Thank you to everyone who tried the latest update and shared their thoughts and creations on the Discord.

We are hard at work on the next big update which is ‘Simulation’ where you can bring your creations to life! We’ll be posting more news over the coming weeks.

The patch notes for the hotfix are below:

  • Some work was done to address an issue where some users reported infinite load times. (Please let us know if this has fixed it for you).

  • Blueprints can now be placed on top of other parts.

  • Improvements to Ambient Occlusion on lower GFX settings

  • Dashboard of the driving seat now lines up with the grid properly

  • Addressed an issue using the Quality settings slider

  • Addressed an issue where users were receiving an incorrect error message about “Microsoft Basic Render Driver” rather than a warning regarding GPU RAM

  • Flipped shapes now have the correct collisions.

  • While switching between modes rapidly, the player can no longer have a blueprint selected while in block mode.

  • Pressing Alt while in any screen/menu no longer causes the mouse cursor to vanish.

  • Improved lighting in workshop

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Engine

If you already have the launcher, simply re-open it and it will download the latest update. If you need to download the launcher, go to Techblox.com

We wanted to highlight one of the awesome creations that were made in the last week, The Club Car by Leaguedes