• Freejam Chris

Dedicated Servers Now Live

Updated: Jan 26

Hello everyone,

A new update to Techblox is now live, Online Multiplayer!

We’d like to thank everyone who took part in the preview branch to offer feedback and report bugs.

Those who joined us on the preview branch will notice a more reliable connection to the server and an increase to the maximum number of players per server. Eight players will now be able to play together on one map.

But if you did not join us during the preview branch tests, then there are a few things we’d like to share as there have been quite a number of big changes

The Game Portal

This is an area that will let you choose a game mode and map. In time this will be expanded and refined as we begin to introduce our first official game mode

There are a number of tracks already available to play, some can be played online on persistent servers, whilst others are offline tracks which have increased CPU and Power limits.

Online Tracks

  • Rawxas Raceway

  • Techkarts Indoors

  • Dirtfest

  • MgwEEM-x Circuit (Community created map)

Offline Tracks

  • Freibergring

  • Culdehoosa Park

Persistent Servers and Server Side Physics

Our online multiplayer maps will all run on persistent servers. This means that once a server is active, players can join and leave whenever they want.

We are using innovative and powerful technology to create servers which use server side physics. This is really exciting because it will mean that collisions with other vehicles will feel great and will allow us to create game modes that are difficult to do in other online multiplayer physics games.

Machine & Player Spawning

For the first iteration of multiplayer all players will spawn onto a server in the same location, but you will then get to choose where to spawn your machine. You’ll see a ghost representing where your machine will spawn and you can simply left click to place.

If your machine gets flipped over, stuck, or you just want to quickly move it somewhere else, you can hit the R key at any spawn to respawn it. We’ll be refining this feature more over time to make it look and feel nicer, as well as making it more reliable and robust.

Wheels Physics change

We have fixed an issue where vehicles with multiple joints might not calculate the correct weight of the vehicle. This would lead to the vehicle not moving as expected. We’ve made some changes that improved this and players are now able to add a number of joints onto a vehicle.

This will lead to a lot of really interesting configurations and we’re looking forward to seeing how engineers use the joints!

Notable Changes

We’ve made a few important changes throughout Techblox, from the way you return to the garage to some tweaks to part values. We’ll cover all of those here.

Quitting to the Garage

One minor change to the flow for entering and leaving simulation is that ‘T’ will no longer return you to the garage. This has instead been moved to the ESC menu.

Joint CPU rebalancing

We’ve made some changes to the CPU costs of all joints as these have the biggest impact on multiplayer performance so we need to limit their use a bit more. Unpowered joints are 100CPU while all powered joints are 125CPU.

Jump Port on Basic Seats

We’ve added the Jump port back to the Go-Kart and Hatchback seats

New Parts

A number of new parts have been added in this update

  • Text Blocks

  • Bit Blocks

  • Timer Block

Bug Fixes

  • Improved the way wheels handle sudden changes in speed (i.e. the time it takes to stop after hitting a wall, to then reverse)

  • Fixed a bug that cause powered joints to be unresponsive in the World Editor

  • Fixed a timing issue with placing/stretching parts while moving the mouse

  • RMB will now always delete parts while in crosshair mode

  • Fixed a bug that caused offset placements when copying cubes with MMB, while in blueprint mode

  • Fixed collision and placement issues with the Grid Tile

  • Fixed issues with the resolution dropdown

  • Fixed an issue with the colour mode cursor not updating

  • Blueprints that contain atmosphere blocks will now display a notification when you try to place more than one in World Editor