• Freejam Chris

Online Multiplayer Progress - Dev Blog #69

Today we wanted to share some progress on multiplayer.

What we have to show currently may not look very cool, but it’s actually really exciting for the future of Techblox and lays some very strong foundations As you may know, We are planning to implement server side physics to Techblox. Below is a short video of a very heavily work in progress server side physics test between two players!

Servers will be persistent, meaning players can drop in and drop out whenever they want! This is huge and will allow us and the community to create some really interesting game modes in the future.

There is still a lot of work to do and we hope to share some footage of multiplayer with controllable machines soon!

Techblox Build Challenge - Lego Technics set We had some great entries over the last several weeks for the Techblox build challenge. If you want to check some of the entries, you can search for the hashtag “TechbloxBuildChallenge

This was the winning entry by DesignSlime https://twitter.com/DesignSlime42/status/1421644340225511428

We really liked how they made a metal mesh out of pipes and how they created a functional vehicle with the current available powered joints. Congratulations DesignSlime, we’ll be in touch soon requesting further details to send out the Lego Technics set

Next Update

The next update to Techblox is going to be a little later than we previously expected. We have a number of features and parts that we wanted to implement but aren't quite ready yet, along with some additional, really cool parts that we'll reveal more of in the next few weeks.

1000 Discord Members! A massive thank you to everyone who has joined our small but growing community, it’s incredible to have reached 1,000 members whilst we’re at the PRE-PRE-PRE-PRE-ALPHA stage. We hope that this amazing support and interest is evidence that you are all really excited for a free to play vehicle and machine building sim with online multiplayer, damage, destruction and a number of varying game modes! Stay tuned for more info!