• Freejam Chris

New Material Types - Dev Blog #57

We hope that you’ve all been working hard on your Movie and TV vehicle build challenge over the week! There have already been some pretty awesome vehicles including one inspired by Only Fools and Horses By Ddevil616.

You may be thinking “that vehicle looks a little different”. That’s because we are introducing several new materials as part of the next update

- Painted Rigid Steel

- Rusted Rigid Steel

- Heavily Rusted Rigid Steel

- Metallic Steel Bodywork

- Rusted Metallic Steel Bodywork

- Heavily Rusted Metallic Steel Bodywork

- Chrome

- Dark Varnished Wood

Here are a few of the community vehicles where we painted some of the new material types.

A big thank you to REDEagle0705, who volunteered to take part in today’s announcement by sharing their vehicle… We’re really sorry for what we’ve done to it!