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Multiplayer Progress - New Engine Tease - Dev Blog #73

The team is working very hard on the online multiplayer component of Techblox and we have just a little bit of news to share. We have transitioned the server onto AWS which means we are testing on final hardware. Results so far have been positive and we’ve been able to have up to five players join and leave a game.

The servers for Techblox will be persistent which means that players can join and leave while it is running. While on the server, players can drive any currently available vehicle. And can even hop into other players' passenger seats. Here’s a quick video of another player joining:

Players will also be able to work together to operate multi manned vehicles like a rotating gun turret seat!

We’ll share more news on Multiplayer over the coming weeks.

Before we begin to talk about the next update, we wanted to introduce a new Jammer to the community! Please welcome our new programmer, Peter!

Additionally, we have made some minor adjustments to the truck building competition. The end date has been extended and we’ve introduced some new prizes.

The new end date will be the 15th of October 2021… The prizes are as follows:

First Place - Lego Technics Cement Mixer truck + A Techblox branded Trucker cap.

Second and third Place - Techblox branded Trucker cap

We’ll also give away a trucker cap on stream so make sure to follow us at https://www.twitch.tv/freejam

We’re all preparing to release the next update to Techblox which will introduce a new engine class. This will be released on 28.09.2021.

Up until launch we’ll reveal a new piece of information every day and we hope you all have fun guessing and discussing what this could be!

Here is your first clue!

If you have any thoughts on what we’re releasing on the 28th, let us know! We’ll drop another clue tomorrow!