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Monster Trucks Update Out Now!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

A new update to techblox is live right now! This is dubbed the Monster truck update! But there are a few other changes that you can check out below. Techblox is free to download at Techblox.com but if you already have the installer, open it up and you should see a big update button to download this update

NEW - Monster Truck Engine

There are three new vehicle parts for you to place on your creations. Firstly we have the Monster Truck engine.

This is one of the largest engines in Techblox and is a big V8 block but it’s gear ratios are tuned for a Monster Truck

NEW - Monster Truck Wheels

These new wheels are Much larger than any of the other wheels in Techblox. They also have some additional properties which make them a little different.

Whilst many of the wheels we’ve released have been designed to perform their best on tarmac surfaces. Monster Truck wheels outperforms any other type of wheel on grass and another type of surface… One which is not yet in the game, but we’ll be revealing soon.

Monster Truck Wheel Rigs

These are the bounciest and strongest of the available wheel rigs! Did we mention they are also massive!

Here’s some video of the Monster truck in action!

Chris has been having fun attempting to wheelie the monster truck. Using hard acceleration and deceleration to rock the cabin, you can control the angle of the monster truck when launching off a ramp. It’s quite difficult!

ry to attempt a Monster truck wheelie! The world record in the real world is 190.46m. We’ll have to see if we can make this an official challenge in the future. Here’s a video of the world record!

One of the things we wanted to raise is that there are plans in the future to provide players with greater control of their vehicles while in the air (and even when performing wheelies). This is however a huge undertaking and we have been learning how Monster truck drivers are able to perform such incredible feats and looking at how we can reproduce this in game. We’ll be sharing more details at a later time in development.

Adjustments to the Workshop

Because of how large these parts are we were concerned that the workshop space might not be big enough to support traditional monster truck vehicles. So we’ve doubled the height of the workshop!

The update is live now! We can’t wait for you to try it out and build some awesome looking monster trucks!

Patch Notes:

New Parts

The major addition in this update is the Monster Truck parts.

- Engine

- Wheels

- Wheel Rigs

Bug Fixes

- Alongside these parts we also have a couple of fixes and tweaks:

- Increased the height of the workshop area

- Updates to the resolution settings to allow any supported resolution in Windowed mode

- Changes to dynamic resolution to make it more accurate and responsive to framerate changes

- Fixed an error that could occur when swapping to another mode when creating a blueprint selection

- Releasing RMB after moving the camera in cursor mode will no longer deselect the current blueprint

- Moving the character with WASD after starting a cube scale will now correctly scale the cube from the starting spot

- Rebalanced Truck Wheel Rig suspension

- Moving the cursor over the hotbar when scaling a cube will no longer cancel the scale

- Fixed strings for Wheel Arch Base parts

- Fixed connection points on the Truck Lorry wheels

- Fixed visual issue on the truck wheel arch flare