• Freejam Chris

Logging In - Dev Blog #60

Today we wanted to talk a little bit about our new Login system for Techblox. As you know, Techblox is going to be a free to play game and it will be totally online. A massive amount of work goes into account management and making sure players are able to connect with each other. This can take a lot of development time away from developing the game itself.

There are tools and services out there that have been adopted by hundreds of developers and used by millions of players.We are using one of them, Epic Online Services. We believe that using this service will assist us by providing many powerful and robust back end services whilst allowing us to focus on the fun stuff, i.e. the gameplay.

There are some really cool things that Epic Online Services offer us as a growing development team and it’s going to make the whole experience of playing Techblox much better for everyone.

It all begins with creating a player account. In time, these accounts will store information like created machines, currency, progress, purchases, friends list and more. Our first step is to get you to log in when you reach the main menu. The next Techblox update will feature the new login system.

When loading up the next build for the first time a browser window will open which will let you create or sign in using an Epic account. You can create an Epic account via several identity providers such as Steam, Xbox, Nintendo, Playstation, Google or Apple.

Freejam does not receive any of your account information so cannot store data about you, we just use the service to authenticate you each time you login and we receive a temporary Auth token which our servers can use to match you with your inventory, save data, progression etc

Additionally you only need to login once, the next time you run the game it will automatically log you in, unless you haven’t played in a while, in which case you will have to login again.

Using Epic Online Services as a player, you'll see the following in-time

- Matchmaking

- Lobbies

- Achievements

- Leaderboards

- Synchronization of game data across different platforms

We’ll also have improved customer services tools too which include

- Players can submit support tickets tied to player profiles

- Tracking player behaviour reports to identify cheating or abusive communications

All of this combined will make Techblox a great game to play and create one of the best communities of players in the world.