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Jets, Tracks, Game Modes And New Blocks. Planned for Next Week!

Updated: Feb 17

Hello everyone,

We wanted to share a list of the new features and changes that will be part of the next update. This is scheduled to go live next week, providing there are no major issues!

This is a huge update and we hope that you all have a ton of fun trying out the racing game modes and the new block parts like Jets!


The three maps below will be online, in persistent dedicated servers. They will each have a racing mode with checkpoints and the world will respawn when a player finishes in first place!

Midnight Techkarts

Portsdown Basin


We’ve increased the build limits for the maps too, so you can build slightly more complex vehicles!

We will be moving some of the maps into a new area called “Legacy Offline Games”. We didn’t want to remove these maps from the game as some players may still find some enjoyment playing them. Our plan is to create a number of core game modes and maps which rotate in and out so there is always a new reason to build and new games to discover.


We’ve made some optimisations to the online servers and this has allowed us to support even more players. Double, in fact! 16 players will be able to join any of the three online maps mentioned above!

The servers are also now able to support dynamic blocks. This means that we can see some actual movement in the world. A spinning sign like this wasn’t possible before

But this also means maps could have obstacles like breakable barriers, traffic cones being flung around the map etc! We’re really looking forward to experimenting with this and we know someone is going to create a really complex wall that falls apart when smashing a vehicle through it!

World Editor

We will be adjusting the landscape placement to allow for a smaller grid size and a different type of placement.

There will also be a number of new landscape tiles. Most notably diagonal road tiles. Including some which transition from grass to dirt.

New Blocks/ Objects

This update will bring with it the ability to create actual game modes! Using logic, players can already create fun racing game modes. We've been having a lot of fun in the office racing each other online and experimenting with various strategies.

We’ve made the logic required to create game modes visible in code room houses which can be found in the maps.

If anyone creates some racing game maps, do let us know as we may rotate them as a featured playable map in the future!

Here is a list of all of the new blocks which can be used in the world editor

- Football

- Game HUD Timer

- Night-time Atmos block

- Scoreboard block (and player scoring system)

- Centre HUD block

- Checkpoint block

- Sound effect block

- Spawn point block

- World Resetter block

- Floodlights, circle area light

- Boundary material (to stop people from falling off the map!)

New Machine blocks

The BIG update alongside gameplay, is the ability for players to create jet powered machines. We’ve created some simple, but fun flying vehicles, but we know you are going to make some really awesome creations with these new blocks! These can all be used within the World editor too!

- Area sensor

-Distance sensor

- Jet blocks (Small Medium and Large)

- Stabilizer block

- Functional headlights (Colourable lights)


We’ve also made a number of changes to the driving to improve the feel. This has been achieved by increasing the wheel rig turning speed, rebalancing wheel grip and adding an FOV change effect when reaching higher speeds.

We’ve also made some adjustments to the Go_kart engine as we have increased its top speed, added a second gear and given it more torque.

Fixes and changes

A number of fixes and changes are included in this update, below is a list of these fixes.

  • Fixed some issues with blueprint placements that contain stretched cylinders, wedges and other ‘sloped’ shapes

  • Fixed some blueprint placement issues that occur when placing parts at the edges of landscape tiles

  • Fixed an error that could occur when entering test mode in the World Editor

  • Fixed issues with controller handles (switches, levers etc.) not appearing/updating correctly on machines in simulation

  • Fixed a bug where machines would vanish or stop visually updating when players join or leave the server

  • Fixed a couple of errors that could occur when swapping between modes (block, color etc.) and swapping between hotbar slots

  • Fixed a stall that could occur when swapping between hotbar slots

  • Fixed an issue that caused hotbar sprites to appear away from the cursor when moving them

  • Improved behaviour when entering seats on moving machines

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Press E to enter’ tooltip would not appear when looking at seats

  • Increased turning speed of wheel rigs

  • Rebalanced grip of tires

  • Fixed visual issues with parts and tiles flickering out of view when moving the camera

  • Fixed camera popping when crouching

  • Fixed a bug when placing a blueprint in the same hotbar slot

  • Bushes no longer have collision in simulation in game modes

  • Fixed some placement issues with landscape tiles

  • Improved the behaviour of scaling parts

  • Improved the behaviour of placing parts while moving the character/camera

  • Improved the collisions of the Rumble Strips on road tiles

  • Improved the collision of the Bridge tile

  • Removed the base plate of Logic/Math blocks to make them more compact

  • Engine audio no longer plays on machines that have not been spawned

  • Rebalanced engine audio


We’re hoping to release this update next week! Stay tuned for more updates very soon!

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