• Freejam Chris

Hotfix 27.07.2021

Hello everyone, We’re releasing a Hotfix to Techblox today which includes a variety of fixes. You can find a list of them below:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the incorrect suspension values on the Go-Kart wheel rigs

  • Fixed the collision of the character while seated (This was fixed in the previous update but has been finalised now)

  • Fixed a bug where Controls that are placed on moving objects would be difficult to interact with

  • Certain parts will no longer be flipped when Flip mode is enabled. This mainly includes logic blocks, wheels and Pistons

  • Fixed a potential error with Pistons that have been previously flipped

  • Added remaining build hints to cursor mode and updated the look and position of these

  • Fixed the shadow quality on Highest

Later this week we will be sharing our plans for the next development sprint.