• Freejam Chris

Hotfix 09.09.2021

Hello everyone! We’re releasing a hot fix today which addresses some feedback and a serious save issue.


Some players were experiencing troubles when saving their creation. This occurred due to an issue with our new cloud saving system that appears after the game has been running for a period of time. We’ve managed to confirm a fix internally but we would really appreciate any feedback if players are still experiencing this.


We had some feedback on the Discord from 4Sighted regarding the collision of the F1 seat.

We agree with this thought and have made some adjustments to the collision mesh so that players can now build a wedge shape in the area just above the drivers feet. This causes some overlap with the model which we’ll adjust in a later update


Some trees were fading in and out of existence as you drove closer to them. We have addressed this with a temporary fix where the trees will pop rather than fade while we work on the correct solution. We also had some feedback regarding tree animations, but as we are working on new foliage and will be replacing these trees, we wanted to spend more time on the replacement trees than fixing the current ones in game.


Previously the limit was just 2,000, we noticed a few players were experiencing issues creating blueprints of their creations with this limit. We’ve increased the number to 5,000

However we have not optimised this process, so large blueprints will likely cause stuttering when created and placed.


We noticed that some players were having an issue when trying to adjust larger vehicles, Due to the volume limit, players were no longer able to build their creation above in the rafters. We’ve increased the volume limit in consideration of those who are affected.

However we are planning to support larger workshops in the future as the game develops further.

FIX FOR MISSING RESOLUTION LIST With the latest update we changed which resolutions were available to ensure only those that match your monitor's aspect ratio appear. This was an intentional change but it came with a couple of unintentional issues. The first is that some aspect ratios would display an empty list. This should now be resolved.

The second issue we’ll be working on for a separate update is to allow any available resolution to be selected while in Windowed mode. Fullscreen will still be restricted to a smaller set of resolutions.

Thank you everyone for the initial feedback, we are still reading everything on the discord and we hope that you enjoy making some awesome new vehicles in the latest update!