• Freejam Chris

Hot Fix Live - Increased CPU and Power limits

Hello Everyone!

We’ve been listening to your feedback regarding CPU and Power limits. Some players are trying to build big and incredibly complex machines, but the CPU limits stop them from being able to enter simulation. This limit was set because we are really not sure how the game will run when a dozen players play together online and load in big machines and vehicles.

Techblox is going to be an online server side physics game. What this means is that you need to be online to play Techblox. Server side physics has great potential to give you all an absolutely incredible online multiplayer experience

For example, we could have game modes similar to Robot Wars where players are crashing into each other, using melee style weapons and powered joints to flip each other's vehicles. We can all agree that this would be awesome! But we need to know the limits of this technology and then push them further!

Our first online multiplayer will likely have the limits below. - 4,000 CPU

- 700 Power - 100 Cluster Groups

However, we are going to increase that amount temporarily starting today. We will likely need to return back to the values close to those above while we begin running our first online tests… But as the game is still very early in development we wanted to give you guys just a little more flexibility to create those big machines you want to make.

Below are the new limits which go live RIGHT NOW

- 20,000 CPU

- 2500 Power

- 1000 Cluster Groups

Again, we must stress that this may change once we begin to work on online server side physics so we can understand what limitations we may face. However, we REALLY want big hulking creations in the future for online multiplayer and the team is going to be working very hard to push the server side physics to its maximum potential.

We’ve also made another small change to double the maximum camera distance while seated to support these larger creations.

On a final note, community member MgwEEM-x shared their vehicle with us earlier this week which had a CPU of over 14k! Our CM, Chris recorded some cool footage of it using the new zoomed out camera. Check it out

Thank you for reading, we hope you have a lot of fun with these new limits!