• Freejam Chris

Hot Fix 22.11.2021

Hi everyone!

We are releasing a hotfix today which addresses a number of issues that have arisen since the world editor was released.

First, we wanted to share a video from ScrapMan who is an awesome vehicle and machine building content creator on Youtube. They’ve covered a lot of our games in the past and we really appreciate them taking the time to check in on Techblox at this early stage of development.

Check out the video below, and if you’re a fan of Techblox and other games in the genre, you’d probably love the rest of their content!


Physics Changes

We’ve made a couple of tweaks to the gravity, inertia tensor and angular damping values used in Techblox to improve how vehicles feel and drive.


We’ve adjusted how blueprints sets work a little to address a severe issue that could occur when saving with larger sets and quitting to the menu. You will still create, save and edit the set as normal but the file structure will be different now. We know blueprints are often being used as a temporary way to share creations. That’s still possible after this change, and we have created a short guide on our website which will detail how you can share blueprints with others.


Road Landscape Tiles

These tiles have been altered slightly to move the ‘road’ segments lower down. This was a change we intended to make for the launch of the update, in preparation for some upcoming landscape tiles, to ensure they can blend together well. We’ll share more info on those in a later dev blog.

Landscape Tiles and Flip Mode

Certain landscape tiles that have been placed while Flip Mode is enabled will have incorrect collisions and placement offsets. These could lead to situations where other landscape tiles could not be placed. As a short term fix we have disabled flipping of all tiles, but we are working on a solution that allows tiles to be flipped correctly as this will be needed in future.

Tiles that have already been placed in this way will still cause issues so you may need to manually replace tiles in your save files if you come across this issue.

Changes to Dynamic Resolution Scaling

A few updates ago we introduced some auto-optimisation which would dynamically scale the resolution, LOD distances and a few other settings to try and keep framerates consistently above 30fps. While these changes achieved that on a wide range of PCs and even Laptops, the resolution downscaling affected the visual quality too much so we’ve tweaked the maximum value that we downscale to. Fastest and Fast quality settings will only downscale to 75% of the set resolution while Normal and High will no longer downscale at all. We’ll continue to work on optimising areas of the game throughout development.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error that could occur when dragging inventory items to hotbars after switching mode

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the inventory from opening when the button was clicked in cursor mode

  • Fixed some visual issues with clipboard thumbnail generation

  • Fixed a bug that prevented blocks from being placed after closing the pause menu via the ESC key

  • World Editor grid is now darker

  • Further improvements to address the issue of creations randomly getting caught or bumping across the sams between landscape tiles

  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to turn black when certain materials were used on engine blocks

  • Fixed some visual issues with certain materials when they appear on the ‘ghost cube’

  • Discord invite button is now present in the Game Portal

  • Fixed some visual issues with materials on the ‘Post’ prop blocks

Thank you to everyone who has played the latest build, shared feedback and reported bugs. There will be a new dev blog tomorrow that will detail some information on our next planned update.