• Freejam Chris

Grass! - Dev Blog #10

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

We wanted to share some tests we’re doing on getting grass working and looking great within HDRP. Unity grass normally works on their ‘terrain system’ but we need the grass to work on hand crafted meshes.

We need to be able to control density and height and we needed a system that would allow us to deform it when the character moved through it etc.

This grass uses ‘translucency’ so even though each clump of grass is a face-me polygon, the translucency allows light to pass through it to make it visually more believable without strange lighting artifacts.

Everything in this post is an idea and uses placeholder materials, characters and lighting. Anything mentioned is of course subject to change.

A playable Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha is now available! Make sure to visit our home page at http://www.techblox.com/ to sign up to play it!

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