• Freejam Chris

Go Kart Engine! - Dev Blog #52

The team are working very hard on the next major playable build which will let you bring your very creations to life! We are so excited to see some of the vehicles shared on Discord actually moving around.

As you know, Techblox is not planning to become just a Sedan building simulator! We want to support a wide range of incredible vehicles from tanks, mechs, drones, jet skis and more. It will of course take time for us to tackle each of these variations of movement so the team are starting with the wheel.

Today, we wanted to share our second engine type, the go kart engine!

This engine is much smaller than the Sedan style engine currently in the game but it’s also less powerful. For example, the current engine has 240 Horsepower, whereas the Go kart engine we’re working on has just 12 Horsepower. Since the power is low, you’ll need to ensure that the vehicles you make with them are light, which of course will make them vulnerable in collisions in game modes where the collision damage system is enabled. We’re hoping that this will lead you to make some interesting choices when designing and building your go karts.

You probably want to see what our new Go Kart engine looks like? Well, here it is!

Here’s how it looks in comparison to the Sedan engine

Of course, we need to make a few other parts that compliment the engine, this includes a brand new seat, new wheels as well as a new wheel rig. We’re hoping to get this engine and its respective parts into the next major build that will feature simulation!

You may be concerned that a go kart versus a Toyota Camry is probably quite unfair. And we’d agree, the Toyota Camry would win in terms of both speed and fragility. So it’s important that when playing online against others, the creator of the game mode can set various rules that Players must adhere to when building a vehicle. This can include restricting the power limit so only vehicles under 200HP can be used for example.

We’re thinking that the Go Kart will be an excellent first vehicle for players to create before they take on complex builds. New users will likely have a restricted set of blocks which are unlocked via a progression system which will let players create functioning low powered vehicles like Go Karts, Mini tanks, Mini Mechs, Heli-drones and Jetskis. We hope that this will let players stay engaged with building and then allow them to progress to build more complex stuff when they feel more comfortable with using the shapes and parts. You can download the latest build via our launcher at Techblox.com