• Freejam Chris

Glimpse Of The New Track - Dev Blog #59

There’s been some awesome developments on Techblox and we’re very nearly ready to start sharing more details on Simulation. Today we wanted to talk a little bit about the track which will be part of the next update to Techblox.

And here’s a birds eye view of the track!

In the above image, we’ve used a Game Editor to place a number of World-Blox which can combine seamlessly to create a great looking race track. These World-Blox are created by our artists and are bespoke, Techblox will feature many World-Blox and they will allow landscapes of all kinds from Snowy Mountains to Helion Crater on Mars. They will allow race tracks, tank battles, robots wars, and sci-fi space ports, there isn't really a limit to what they can be etc

In the future, players will be able to place down World-Blox to create their own game maps. However, this feature is likely to come after other priorities like Online Multiplayer, damage and destruction.