• Freejam Chris

Freejam Dev Event!

Hello everyone!

Last week several members of the team and their partners met up for a dev team event organised by Freejam. It was great to catch up with our colleagues and friends and we intend to have more events like this in the future!

There were a number of activities planned for the day, including a super secret event which we’ll share later in this blog! Here’s a photo of the team getting ready for the day's first activity, Go Karting!

We’re hoping that the team's expertise in creating Go-Karts in Techblox gave them an edge when driving.

Of course, we did engage in some friendly competition and thus the Freejam Go-Kart race was created! Whilst the entire team put on a great show with high speed, drifting and the occasional collision… Bronze, silver and gold can only go to three people! Here are the results! Bronze Trophy - Seb

Silver Trophy - Karl

Gold Trophy - Mark

Congratulations to the winners of the first Freejam Go-Kart race!

The team were then invited to a super secret event at a super secret place! This was a rather monumental occasion as the development team were introduced to the location of the new Freejam office!

This office currently contains furniture, astroturf and other items that are from the office’s previous occupants and we need to redecorate it to better suit us as a studio. Opinions are split on whether the grass floor remains. But over the coming months we’ll share progress on the redecoration.

This is an exciting time for us as an independent development studio. Previously, we shared an office space with the developers at Climax studios. As they were recently acquired by Keyword Studios (congratulations!) We felt that now was the best time to start looking for a new home for our team..

Stay tuned for more info on the Freejam team in the near future!