• Freejam Chris

Football Game Mode!

Hello everyone,

We have added a brand new online game mode which can be played TODAY!


Take your vehicles into a specially designed arena that will allow them to play a classic game of football.

There are two ways to score in this game mode

  1. Put the ball in your opponents goal - 100 points

  2. Keep the ball in your opponent's side of the court 1 point earned per second

Chris our CM will be hopping into a few games from about 16:00 BST (UTC+1).

We are looking forward to seeing what players do with this game mode and what type of machines you bring in to gain an advantage. If you create anything specifically for the football game mode, please do share it with us on Discord!

Game Portal Changes

We’ve made some adjustments to the current Games in rotation. The Game Portal now has the following game modes:

Online Tracks

  • Midnight Techkarts

  • Hatchback Football (NEW) - A 6v6 Football match where you can bring your own machine

  • Portsdown Basin

  • Farnham Hills (REVAMPED) - A Tarmac only race track designed for Formula powered machines

  • Dirtfest

  • Supercharged Hatchback Football (NEW) - A Supercharged version with a higher power limit

Offline Tracks

  • Portsdown Basin Sandbox (NEW) - An offline-only version of Portsdown Basin with much higher Cluster, CPU & Power limits


Optimisation is always an ongoing consideration. We want as many people to be able to play Techblox as we possibly can so we’ve focused on some areas where we have noticed issues to see if we can improve the experience. We’ve still got other areas that we’re looking into over the next couple of updates as well.

Pressing F8 will show some extra debug info in the top left, which now includes some more insight into how well the CPU and GPU are handling things. When reporting performance issues please also include this info as it will help us diagnose further areas for optimization in future.

New Parts

This update brings a new biome of landscape tiles - City Road along with a few extra Grid tiles and a streetlamp.

We placed a couple of road tiles in SHINAMON’s city world to see how they looked when placed in a super detailed world!

Balance Changes

Small Jet

  • Max Thrust significantly increased

  • Max Velocity decreased

Medium Jet

  • Max Thrust significantly increased

  • Max Velocity decreased

Large Jet

  • Max Thrust increased from 250 to 260

Logic Blocks

  • CPU cost of all logic blocks reduced from 10 to 5


  • Friction of Grass and Dirt Landscape Tiles increased (This does not affect wheel friction, only blocks and other parts)

Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed an issue with Jets that caused machines to tip when they shouldn’t

  • Fixed an error that could occur when entering World Editor simulation after placing joints

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the character from moving in certain World Editor saves

  • Potentially fixed an issue that caused the character to spawn horizontally in the World Editor - Please let us know if you still experience this

  • Fixed an issue that caused Servos to have the wrong ‘Input Is Angle' stat in the previous update - These parts should now load as expected and any changes that were made before this update should still carry over

  • Fixed incorrect collision on flipped Diagonal Transition Road tiles

  • Cursor will now correctly appear if you are returned to the menu following a server error

  • Improvements to Floodlights to allow for better shadows

  • Fixed a visual issue with CPU and Power HUD not updating correctly when swapping between save files

  • Blueprints will no longer be placed when clicking parts of the Inventory

  • Blueprints that contain landscape tiles can no longer be placed in machine saves

  • Hotbar hotkeys now have extra shadowing to help improve readability

  • Fixed a couple of issues with player names not appearing in the World Editor

  • Reset buttons on the controls screen are now visually enabled when they should be

  • Joint audio will no longer play before the machine has been spawned

  • CentreHUD block has an extra tag for <leadTeamName> which can be used in games that you create