• Freejam Chris

Flight Pass Premium Items Now Live!

Hello everyone,

Today we’re launching the very first phase of the Flight Pass Premium content which is unlocked by supercharging your Flight Pass. This includes cosmetic variants of the jets, which you can check out below:

These jets have the same stats as the ones unlocked in the free row but they have a sci-fi like design.

Joining the jets are two other material types:

  • Sci-Fi Panelling (Equal to the aircraft material specs)

  • Glow Material (Equal to plastic material)

All of these cosmetics will provide greater visual creative freedom, but they will not offer you an advantage against a player who only has the free row unlocked.

To obtain these items, you’ll need to Supercharge your Flight Pass. This will allow you to unlock the premium items when you progress through the levels by using Tech Points.

Supercharging your Flight Pass will begin at $3.99 and the price will increase when we add more levels and items to both the premium row and the free row of the Flight Pass. Purchasing early will let you unlock all future additions without any additional costs, so you would save some money Supercharging your pass early.

The Wheels Pass can now be supercharged too via a purchase of $7.99. Again, we will be adding more items to unlock in the free and premium rows.

We’d like to thank you for all of your support. Offering feedback via the discord or on our socials helps us to develop a much better game. But purchasing the super charged version of these passes supports us even further to keep servers running and allows us to push the very development forward even further in a number of different ways.

We look forward to seeing all of your creations with the new parts added in this update, and the parts we’ll be adding in the future.

All of your purchases will of course transfer over to the Steam version when that becomes available. Make sure to add that to your wishlist at https://store.steampowered.com/app/1991140/Techblox/