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Expanding The Team! - Dev Blog #51

We have been very busy preparing to release the next playable build but wanted to update you on a few things that we thought were very exciting regarding Freejam as an independent development studio.

Techblox is a BIG project! It will take time and a handful of super talented programmers, designers and artists to make it a reality. We have already assembled a bunch of awesome people at Freejam that have been working so hard to get the foundations of Techblox in place.

Now is the time for us to grow our studio in order to fully realise our true vision for Techblox... This week we had two new faces join Freejam.

Firstly, is Sam who has taken on the role of ‘Technical designer’.

Emanuele has also joined us as a ‘Server Programmer’.

“I'm very excited to join Freejam, I really hope I can help the team deploy quality services and products for all of our players. Per aspera ad astra”

Next week we’ll have a new ‘Programmer’ called Jose join the team too! This is just the start of our plans and we’re really excited for the future of Techblox and Freejam itself.

The Next Update

We’re anticipating that the next playable build will launch either this Friday or early next week. We’re ironing out a few bugs but when we have more information, we’ll let you know.

As part of this update, we’ll be releasing the build via a launcher which will be downloadable on our new website! This website will be made live the moment the build is available to everyone.

We spent some time building a vehicle with some of the new blocks. We’ve snuck in skewed pipes into the next update too! Check it out below

Please Join us in giving Sam, Emanuele and Jose the warmest of welcomes in joining the Freejam team!