• Freejam Chris

Wheel Rigs for Go-Karts - Dev Blog #55

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

We hope that you have all had a great weekend! We’re hard at work on the next update for Techblox, which will feature simulation, your vehicles will all move very soon! Today we wanted to share images of some new Wheel Rigs. This is how the Go-kart wheels will look whilst attached to the Go-kart Wheel Rigs:

And here they are on their own:

You may be wondering what the difference is between the Go Kart wheel rig above and the Sedan wheel rig. There are actually quite a few


The Sedan Wheel Rig is 3 Blox long… The Go Kart wheel rig is just one Blox long

Wheel placement

Go-kart wheels will not fit on a Sedan wheel rig due to the brake disc being too large for the small kart wheels. Likewise, vice versa, although a Sedan wheel can fit on a Go-kart rig, the brakes on the kart will not be strong enough for the weight of a sedan and the small wheel rig will not give much clearance for steering for large sedan wheels.

So whilst you CAN put Sedan wheels onto a Go-kart Wheel Rig… You have to ask, whether you really want to!


The Sedan wheel rig has adjustable suspension, whereas the Go-kart wheel rig does not include any suspension.

It’s also important to note that with this update, wheel rigs will only allow you to place wheels on them, not Blox or any other parts. We’ve had to do a lot of custom work to get wheels to work really nice with the suspension.

However, at a later date, once we have motors available, you will be able to use them to create other types of rotating contraptions. In theory you could use motors and Blox to create wheels, but you’ll have to create your own suspension and steering too!