• Freejam Chris

Destruction, Weapons and Cray Skin

Hello everyone!

We are currently working on some huge game features over the next few months.

Cray player skin

Our first title, Robocraft featured Cray, a super computer that was part of the Robocraft lore. We wanted to announce that this character will become a player character skin in a future update!

Cray has undergone a pretty substantial visual upgrade and we hope you love his new look!

Destruction work in progress

The team are beginning work on the damage and destruction systems. As you may know, Techblox will feature weapons and in order to make them feel fun to use, we wanted to work on block by block destruction.

We still have quite a lot of work to do, but we recently shared a number of early work in progress tests on our discord.

Here's a test where the fragility was set to max for testing purposes.

And here's a look at the destruction system, with max fragility decreased a little to show what would happen if a vehicle takes a harsh collision on the left side of the vehicle.

Destruction and weapons are BIG requests for Techblox and we will be sharing more news soon!

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