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Destruction Playground, New Skins and More! Regional Servers Now Live!

Hello everyone,

We hope that you’ve all had a lot of fun with our recent destruction and PVP game mode update. The team are continuing to work on new features and content over the coming weeks and we wanted to release a new update which includes a fun new map/game mode.

Welcome, to the Destruction Playground!

Devastating swinging hammers, a ferocious grinder and a challenging obstacle course make up this new map. It is the perfect place to test your vehicle's performance and structural integrity.

This is a Sandbox game mode and will be playable for up to 8 players online. You can still earn tech points by collecting pick ups within the environment, but it is predominantly an area which will allow you to test out your machine.

For example, you could take your vehicle on the long jump and see just how far it will travel before it comes smashing down to the ground.

Or you could test its suspension across a number of bumpy lanes

Or just simply pit your machine against one of the environment's powerful spinning hammers!

If you’ve created a fun destructive weapon within the world editor which compliments the map we’ve made, please do share it with us!

Additionally, this new map introduces a new atmosphere block, the blue sky atmosphere.

Chris will be hanging out in the EU servers in Destruction Playground from about 15:00 BST. Feel free to stop by, grab a machine and throw it into many of the obstacles.

New Regional Servers!

Those of you who have joined us up until this point have all been playing on European servers. If you’ve experienced some input lag while playing the game before, we’d love to know if the new regional servers have had a positive improvement on your experience!

The new servers are based within:

  • Europe

  • North America

  • Asia

Players will be able to switch back and forth between these servers in the options menu so that you can make sure you’re always playing with friends.

New Character Skins

Two new character skins have been added to the flight pass.

Firstly, as part of the free row, and unlockable for all players, the Fighter Jet Pilot Skin

You’ll unlock the skin above by earning tech points and spending them within the free row of the Flight Pass.

Our second skin is a sci-fi astronaut skin! Some of you may see some similarities between this skin and a character from one of our other titles. This will be part of the paid row for the Flight pass.

Other Changes

Improved Machine validation

To prevent machines using parts not intended for that game mode, or using glitches to overlap or stack parts, we’ve changed the machine validation stage when you attempt to connect to a server. Part of this change won’t affect existing machines.

Servo Rework

We’ve reworked the Servos, both aiming and regular, to behave a bit more like springs, to reduce the need for joints to snap off, while avoiding weird physics issues when these joints were trying to apply forces in ways they shouldn’t be able to.

Existing builds may perform differently with these changes.

30mm Cannon Changes

We’ve reduced the size of the current 30mm cannon in preparation for some variants that will be coming soon. This cannon still functions the same as before, it’s just visually smaller.

Changes to the Tech Point Pool in game modes

The Tech Point pool will continue to generate as it already does.

When Tech Points are awarded some extra criteria is now checked and a percentage of the pool is awarded depending on that criteria.

The Tech Points that aren’t awarded remain in the pool for the next round.

Fort Kingston: If a player has reached at least 4,000 score, 100% of the pool will be awarded to players.

Farnham Hills: If a player finishes the race in under 3 minutes, 100% of the pool will be awarded.

Sandbox Arena: If all score pickups have been collected, 100% of the pool will be awarded.

AFK System

If players remain idle on a server for too long they’ll be removed.

Improved kill audio

When you kill another player you’ll hear a louder, local sound effect to help make it more obvious.

Size increase for the Reconstruct Cooldown Prompt

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few client and server errors while playing online

  • Fixed a few errors that could occur when joining a server

We have some awesome things happening in the near future and we can’t wait to share them with you. Please make sure to follow all our socials by clicking the URL’s below and make sure to add Techblox to your wishlist on Steam too!




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