• Freejam Chris

Atmosphere Block - Dev Blog #76

Earlier this week we shared some news on the World Editor along with some images in the General channel of some things we've built in the World Editor. Today we're sharing some info on a special block we're adding called the Atmosphere Block. There will be several Atmosphere blocks in the game to choose from and when you add it to your scene in the World Editor it will determine:

  • HDRI Sky texture

  • The ambient lighting (which is derived from the sky)

  • The sunlight position, colour and strength

  • Various post process effects to create its mood

  • Exposure values

You will only be able to have a single Atmosphere block in the scene at once and we'll release many of these to create all kinds of different atmospheres. Some will be unlocked via the Tech Pass progression system as rewards for playing the game.

Here is a sample of some we're putting together for the first release:

This video shows the same scene but with different atmosphere blocks applied so you'll see the atmosphere cycle through different types throughout the video:

We can also do some fun things like Mars atmospheres:

We can also do quite extreme things like make it crazy foggy:

Lastly, here's a nice section of racetrack with a cloudy sky atmosphere applied: